Academician Cheng-Wen Wu


  • Chairman, National Health Research Institutes Forum
  • Distinguished Chair, National Yang-Ming University
  • Honorary Investigator, National Health Research Institutes
  • Academician, Academia Sinica

In response to urgent health and welfare issues in Taiwan, Dr. Wu reactivated NHRI Forum in 2013 in collecting consensus opinions from experts in the field to function as a national health and welfare policy think tank to propose solutions to policymakers via interdisciplinary, cross-technology and multi-institutional mechanisms. Since then, NHRI Forum has produced more than 10 volumes of publication on important health concerns in Taiwan, serving significant references for Taiwan Government. In addition, NHRI Forum zealously promotes Learning Health System through international collaboration, and organizes 3 to 5 symposia annually to provide a platform for exchange and dialogue regarding this system. It also acts as a bridge between government and academic institutions to consolidate translational research and to provide instantaneous health literacy to the public.