Professor Sung-Tsang Hsieh, National Taiwan University

Professor Bing-Wen Soong, Shuang Ho Hospital,Ministry of Health and Welfare


In the past years, much effort has been made to promote the brain tissue resource center in Taiwan (Taiwan brain bank). With the support of NHRI Forum in the past funding year, the legal issues for obtaining fresh postmortem brain tissues have been solved. However, many other issues still need to be settled. In this project, we aim to deal with the following items:

  1. Establishing the relevant regulations, protocols and documents for the launch and operation of Taiwan Brain Bank.
  2. Reviewing and improving the current protocols for brain processing.
  3.  Working out the hardware and software for data processing and the regulation of information release.
  4. Setting up the principles of vocational training for the neuropathologist, technical and administrative staffs.
  5. Deliberating on volunteer recruitment and training to booster the publicity.

With the continual support of the NHRI Forum, we wish to establish a sustainable brain tissue resource center at national level in Taiwan.