Professor Jih-Heng Li, Kaohsiung Medical University


It is indisputable that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. Ever since Russell (1976) stated that people smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar, new tobacco products emerge based on harm reduction. The emerging tobacco products include: E-cigarettes or vaping, hear-not-burn tobacco and chewable tobacco such as snus. Due to the appealing appearance and diverse taste, emerging tobacco products have gained acceptance in many cigarette smokers and especially in never smoking youngsters. At the same time, the adverse health effects caused by using these emerging tobacco products have been heard from time to time. Nevertheless, these emerging tobacco products are available in different countries including the US. However, the classification, labeling, and marketing of these tobacco products in Taiwan have not been settled. To this aim, this project is designed to review the origin, claim, composition, toxicology, the health effects, and the management system in other countries. The results will be compared to traditional cigarettes, and sent to related government offices.