Professor Ming-Been Lee, National Taiwan University

Professor Wei-J Chen, National Health Research Institutes


Previous studies in Taiwan have focused on the risks of hypnotics use and its consequences. The research team had conducted two projects in 2017 and 2018 on the development of prevention strategy of drug abuse. However, the issues broadly covered prescribed and non-prescribed medications or drugs use problems spanning from drug inappropriate use, abuse, dependence, to addiction. There is an urgent need to target at personal and social aspects of hypnotic use problems in clinical or community settings to reduce harms related to its inappropriate use. Thus, the underlying project will aim at filling the gap between a safe and effective hypnotic use strategy and its feasibility of knowledge base. The researchers will integrate literature review findings, analyze current situations, and evaluate feasible plans for a comprehensive model for safe hypnotics use in Taiwan. We will propose multidisciplinary strategies to enhance the literacy of hypnotic use and non-medication strategy in different populations across ages and the clinical competencies in treating high-risk people’s sleep-related problems.