📌Project 1:

Discussion and Assessment the Care Needs of Patients with Mental Disorders in the Community


Professor Te-Jen Lai, Chung Shan Medical University

Associate Professor Chia-Ming Chang, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou


To explore the status of community mental healthcare in Taiwan; examine related human, financial, and institutional resources; and review global trends in the development of community mental health care, the NHRI Forum brought together experts and scholars. The needs of patients with mental disorders in the community were also investigated with an eye toward developing care policy and plans in Taiwan. Furthermore, a recommendation was proposed to the Ministry of Health and Welfare to include such care needs in the Long-term Care Policy 2.0.

📌Project 2:

Raising Awareness and Empowerment of Self-efficacy of Child Abuse through Education Program on Police Officer


Professor Jing-Long Huang, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou

Associate Professor Kuo-Wei Yeh, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou

📌Project 3:

Taiwan Drug Abuse Prevention Strategies:Implementation Guidelines and Action Plans


Professor Ming-Been Lee, National Taiwan University

📌Project 4:

Evaluation and Improvement for Low-Value Healthcare in Taiwan


Professor Chieh-Feng Chen, Taipei Medical University

📌Project 5:

The Determinate of Health Literacy and Related Health Outcomes Among Elders in Taiwan


Associate Professor Wen-Hsuan Hou: Taipei Medical University

Professor Ken N. Kuo: Taipei Medical University