📌Project 1:

Climate Change and Health


Professor Fung-Chang Sun, China Medical University


Global climate change refers to a wide range of impacts upon humans and the environment. It is not only related to energy use and international cooperation but also affects individuals’ health and daily life. The NHRI Forum’s committee on Climate Change and Health’s book titled Climate Change and Health contains important information, including local research findings, that emphasizes the impact of climate change on residents’ health. The work provides new knowledge on climate change and its impact worldwide and in Taiwan. The risk assessment findings provide recommendations to the National Health Promotion Administration for health policy decisions aimed at protecting residents, particularly the elderly.

📌Project 2:

Transforming and Redesigning Health Care for Taiwan


Professor Andrew T. Huang, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center

📌Project 3:

Discussion on Strategies of Improving the Effectiveness of Screening, Referral, Assessment and Early Intervention for Children with Developmental Delay


Professor Shio-Jean Lin, Chi Mei Medical Center

📌Project 4:

Problem and Solution of Child Abuse


Professor Jing-Long Huang, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou

📌Project 5:

Strategies for the Emerging Challenge of Health Care System in Aging Society


Professor Ching-Yu Chen, National Taiwan University

Professor Kuo-Chin Huang, National Taiwan University Hospital, Bei-Hu Branch

📌Project 6:

Developing the Big Data Strategy for Learning Health Systems


Professor Yu-Chuan Li, Taipei Medical University