Tzou-Yien Lin
Doctor / Professor, The Chang Gung Memorial Hospital


Ruei-Ying Lin
Doctor /  Associate Professor, The Chang Gung Memorial Hospital


Fully protecting the health and growth of children is one of society’s primary responsibilities. It’s not only because children grow into adulthood and become future social pillar, but children also have their own rights as human being. Children’s health has effects that reach far into adulthood. There are critical differences between children and adults, and special attention to children’s health are warranted.

As directed by Taiwan NHRI for this committee to formulate strategy to improve health policies for children, we belief that a proper appraisal of current status, both of children’s health as a population, and of the policies to promote it, is crucial. Children’s health has traditionally been assessed  by evaluating common indices such as infant mortality rates, children under 5 mortality rates, disease-specific incidence and mortality rates, and proxy reported ratings of health or activity limitations. To assess the adequacy of current system, we propose a multidiscipline-approach including: 1.Comparing the aforementioned indices with OECD countries and pursue root cause analysis, 2. Inquiring feedbacks from parents, patients, and healthcarepersonnel,3.Establishing the epidemiology of developmental and behavioral disorders of children in Taiwan, 4. Incorporating schools and communities in the effort of risk prevention, especially in, but not limited to adolescents. We aim to formulate improvement strategies based on current needs. Longitudinal care from birth into young adult hood, and integration of artificial intelligence into the system would be part of the objectives.